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About Classic Fighters of America

Welcome to the Classic Fighters of America website, a dba of the Global Aviation.This site is designed to feature all of the historic aircraft in our collection, and to keep you posted regarding air shows at which these aircraft will be displayed and demonstrated around the U.S.

For almost 100 years and the advent of flight, man has sought to develop an aircraft that could be both offensive and defensive, and thus allow airborne supremacy. From the early 1900’s until after World War II, these aircraft were referred to as “Pursuit” types, and shared a “P” in their designations. Examples were the P-40 Tomahawk, the P-38 Lightning and the P-51 Mustang. After that war and the formation of the U.S. Air Force as a branch separate from the U.S. Army, the designations of these types were changed to “Fighters” having an “F” prefix. Examples are the F-84 and the F-86.Classic Fighters of America focuses almost entirely on Pursuit/Fighter aircraft employed by the U.S. forces in the past.

GAM Aviation Companies

Global Aviation Management, Inc controls the following enterprises and organizations

S-211 Jet, LLC – S211 Jet is an affiliate of Global Aviation Management, Inc., and maintains a service facility in Titusville, Florida at Space Coast Airport (KTIX). The company specializes in the assembly and flight preparation of several Siai Marchetti S211 military trainer jets. Visit www.s211jet.com

Ferry Pilots – For almost 50 years, International Ferry Pilots has been providing transportation and logistics services globally, by delivering aircraft and resources on time. Visit www.ferrypilots.org

The Naval Aviation Legacy Foundation – The Naval Aviation Legacy Foundationfosters education about the rich heritage of the United States Navy’s aircraft carrier aviation. The Naval Aviation Legacy Foundation, a 501c3 corporation. Visit www.navalaviationlegacy.org