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Jet Transition Training

Classic Fighters of America offers a Jet Transition course for pilots who want to transition to jet-powered aircraft and fighters enjoy the experience. The course consists of multiple flights in a S.211 jet with full dual cockpits. The ground syllabus includes high altitude training (complies with FAR 61), jet engine theory and performance. Flights include pattern work and take offs and landings, high speed maneuvers and flights.

Formation – this phase includes initial and recurrent formation flight training and proficiency flights.

Upset Training – this phase provides the pilot with unusual attitudes and recoveries as well as aerobatic training;

Aircraft Rating – training-all turbine-powered aircraft require a rating to be added to the pilot-in-command’s license.

Whether the aircraft intended is a type certificated aircraft or an experimental/former military aircraft, pilots can train in the S.211 jet. Each course will be tailored to prepare the applicant to commence the type specific transition to the aircraft of choice.

Proficiency Check Rides – our instructors are all FAA Certified Flight Instructors and hold numerous aircraft type ratings. Check rides can be provided to meet FAR part 61 requirements including instrument, flight and landings requirements, as well as simple proficiency in jets.

The Fighter Experience – Pilots who are current in jets can continue their experience by participating in the “Fighter Experience”. Basic Air Combat Maneuvering, in both prop and jet aircraft can be taught, as well as the basics of various weapons delivery tactics.