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test-019Joe Joiner was born in Plainview, TX, on November, 1921 and moved to Corpus Christi, TX when he was twelve. In 1942, he enlisted in the Army Air Corp and graduated from flying school as a 2nd Lieutenant in December, 1943. After completing P-51 flight training in Florida, he was assigned to the 4th Fighter Group, 336 Squadron in Debdon, England. The Group was activated in 1943 when the Eagle Squadron pilots were transferred from the Royal Air Force to the 4th.

Some of the Air Corp’s highest scoring aces were in this group: i.e., Goodson, Gentile, Godfrey, Beason, Blakeslee, Glover, etc. As a young and inexperienced fighter pilot with less than 600 total flying hours, Joe led the Squadron on 15 combat missions and led the entire Group on two combat missions. Joiner completed his combat tour, plus two 50-hour extensions in February, 1945 with a total of 84 combat missions and 374 combat hours. He volunteered for a second combat tour and was at home on leave when the war in Europe ended. Joe shot down two MF-109’s and two FW-190s in aerial combat and also destroyed four FW-190’s on the ground. Joe was awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses and ten air medals for his combat tour.

Joiner is one of the few pilots who flew fighter planes during his entire 30-year Air Force career, amassing 10,000 hours.

Joe Joiner appearing at the FINA-CAF AIRSHOW 2008 in Doug Matthews P-51 Mustang The Rebel. The P-51D has been painted in the scheme of the Mustang flown by Joiner during World War II. The paint scheme is complete with Captain Joiner’s name painted on the side of the plane at the cockpit.

Joe Joiner visited the Commerative Air Force Show in Midland Texas in October 2010 and flew the P-51 “Red Nose” with Doug Matthews.


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