The Best Aviation Headsets For Pilots in 2024

best aviation headset

Are you strapping into the cockpit, ready to conquer the skies, but find yourself wrestling with a headset that’s not up to the task? This review is your guide in the quest for the best aviation headsets, crucial for a pilot of any rank.

Through rigorous testing and advice from seasoned aviators, I’ve zeroed in on the cornerstone of in-flight communication: a headset that precisely cuts through the noise. The exploration of different headsets and evaluating the variety of options among headsets available on the market offers a comprehensive overview.

Whether you’re charting your course in aviation, eyeing a tech upgrade, or pursuing elite gear, this guide is your radar to the insights that matter.

The Best Aviation Headsets for Pilots

For those singularly focused on securing the best aviation headset available, the Bose A30 stands out as the industry’s gold standard.

Best headset: Bose A30

Best Student Headset: UFQ A28 ANR

Best Beginner Headset: Kore Aviation KA-1

Bose A30 Aviation Headset with Bluetooth

Bose A30
The Bose A30 offers unparalleled comfort, superior noise cancellation, crystal-clear audio, FAA/EASA certification, and flexible Bluetooth capabilities for pilots.

The Bose A30 headset is a favorite among pilots for its superior audio in noisy environments.

Bose’s engineering ensures significant noise reduction and sound quality, backed by a robust warranty, though specific noise reduction percentages are not provided.

Featuring Bluetooth for music and calls, the A30 allows easy audio adjustments and can mute or mix sources. Its control module on the cable and customizable microphone position—right or left ear—add to its appeal.

Lightweight for comfort on long flights, the A30 is a premium choice with a price to match, but it’s an excellent investment for those valuing quality.

Want to know more about this exceptional headset? Read our in-depth Bose A30 review.

Bose Aviation A20 Headset with Bluetooth

Bose A20
The Bose A20 showcases advanced noise reduction, Bluetooth connectivity, supreme comfort, intuitive controls, and unmatched reliability.

Another masterpiece from Bose(1), the A20 Aviation Headset, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence.

It offers advanced active noise reduction, ensuring that users are insulated from the roaring engines and can communicate without any hindrances. The A20 also has a comprehensive warranty, underscoring Bose’s confidence in its quality.

The Bluetooth feature is a boon for those who like to stay connected, receive calls, or listen to music.

Its design prioritizes comfort, making it suitable for extended use without causing fatigue, a crucial factor for airline pilots in choosing a headset. The intuitive controls are user-friendly, allowing pilots to adjust settings on the fly.

Regarding reliability and performance, the A20 stands tall among its peers, confirming its status as an excellent choice for airline pilots needing a noise canceling headset.

In addition to its superior features, the A20 is also recognized as one of the best gifts for pilots, perfect for those who value quality and performance.

LIGHTSPEED Aviation Zulu 3 ANR Aviation Headset

Zulu 3 ANR
The LIGHTSPEED Zulu 3 excels in noise reduction, modern connectivity, audio versatility, and user-friendly controls, offering pilots quality and value.

The LIGHTSPEED Zulu 3 excels in noise reduction, modern connectivity, audio versatility, and user-friendly controls, offering pilots quality and value.

The delta Zulu headset stands out in the aviation audio market, particularly for professionals facing noisy conditions.Its superior Active Noise Reduction (ANR) and exceptional sound quality create a cocoon of clarity for clear communication.

LIGHTSPEED’s dedication to innovation is evident, offering advanced connectivity and a range of audio settings for personalized sound control. The control module is conveniently placed for easy access, and the flexible microphone can be positioned on either side, enhancing the communication experience.

Despite its premium features, the Zulu 3’s competitive price makes it a top choice for pilots seeking quality and value in their new headset.

For a comprehensive comparison of how the Zulu 3 fares against its peers, dive into our detailed Zulu 3 headset vs. Bose A20 review.

David Clark DC PRO-X2 Hybrid Electronic Noise Cancellation Aviation Headset

David Clark DC PRO-X2
$745.00 $499.00
The David Clark DC ONE-X offers exceptional noise cancellation, advanced connectivity, customizable audio settings, and comfort, justifying its premium position in aviation audio.

David Clark’s DC PRO-X2 is more than a headset; it’s a legacy in aviation audio. Amidst many headsets on the market, it meets modern expectations with advanced connectivity and sets a high bar in aviation audio as a quality headset.

Its versatile audio settings allow pilots to tailor their listening experience against outside noise. The accessible control module on the cable and the adaptable microphone, positionable on either side, offer unmatched customization compared to other headsets on the market.

Packed with premium features, the DC ONE-X doesn’t compromise on comfort. Its price reflects its comprehensive capabilities, making it a top pick for quality-conscious aviators looking for a headset that stands out among the many headsets available.

The Best in-Ear Headset – Bose Proflight Series 2 Aviation Headset

Bose Proflight Series 2
The Bose Proflight Series 2 is an innovative in-ear aviation headset offering advanced noise cancellation, seamless Bluetooth connectivity, intuitive controls, and a lightweight design.

The Bose Proflight Series 2 stands out in the in-ear headset category, blending compact design with Bose’s renowned quality. It’s engineered for varying noise levels, featuring advanced noise cancellation to keep pilots focused.

Aviators seeking cutting-edge headsets will see the Proflight Series 2 as a benchmark for connectivity, with Bluetooth for easy device pairing and customizable audio settings for an optimal listening experience.

Its lightweight build and user-friendly control module on the cable ensure comfort and convenience on long flights. Unique tap control for talk-through communication further elevates its functionality.

While the Proflight Series 2 comes at a premium, it’s the go-to choice for anyone who demands the best in-ear experience without compromise.

Best Wireless Headset Lightspeed Sierra Aviation Headset

Bose A20
The Lightspeed Sierra combines wireless freedom with top-notch noise reduction, extended battery life, and user-friendly features, offering premium quality at a good value.

The Lightspeed Sierra represents the pinnacle of wireless headsets, offering the luxury of cable-free communication. Lightspeed’s innovation shines in the Sierra’s active noise reduction, which ensures clear communication in noisy cockpits.

Tech-savvy pilots will appreciate its wireless design for a seamless, uncluttered experience. Pilots can customize their auditory environment with flexible audio settings to mute or mix inputs.

Notably, the Sierra boasts a long battery life for reliable use on extended flights, and its intuitive control module provides straightforward access to settings.

The adjustable microphone caters to personal preference, and with competitive pricing, the Sierra excels in delivering wireless convenience and quality at great value.

It’s ideal for users who prioritize freedom of movement and high-quality audio.

Best Aviation Headset for Student PilotsGreat sound quality

David Clark H10-13.4 Aviation Headset

David Clark H10-13.4
$411.84 $499.99
The David Clark H10-13.4 is a durable headset ideal for flight students, providing clear communication and noise attenuation at an affordable price.

David Clark’s H10-13.4 unlike many conventional headsets, it is a durable headset ideal for flight students, providing clear communication and noise attenuation at an affordable price. It’s celebrated for its robustness and consistent performance, designed to endure the noise and demands of flight training.

The H10-13.4 offers excellent noise attenuation to reduce the noise, aiding clear communication for students mastering cockpit noise management.

Its straightforward design allows trainees to concentrate on learning, with simple audio settings for a clear, undistorted sound, unlike a headset that doesn’t focus on clarity.

Built tough to resist flight training wear and tear, the H10-13.4 is also reasonably priced, providing great value for students who need quality without a hefty cost.

It is the preferred starting headset for those beginning their aviation journey, differentiating itself from conventional headsets.

Rugged Air RA200

Rugged Air RA200
$87.99 $105.00
The Rugged Air RA200 offers student pilots durable, clear communication at an affordable price, excelling in noise reduction and simplicity.

The Rugged Air RA200 stands out for student pilots and flight schools, offering a perfect mix of performance at an affordable price. It provides effective noise reduction, essential for students to concentrate on their flying lessons.

The RA200’s straightforward design minimizes distractions, focusing on clear audio for precise communication. Its durability is a crucial feature, built to withstand the rigors of flight training and maintain consistent performance.

With a flexible microphone for clear communication and a budget-friendly price, the RA200 is an excellent choice for students seeking dependable quality without a high cost.

UFQ A28 ANR Aviation Headset Pilot Headset

The UFQ A28 ANR headset provides students wireless ease, top-notch noise cancellation, ergonomic comfort, and clear communication at an affordable price.

The UFQ A28 ANR headset is revolutionizing aviation audio, becoming essential for tech-savvy student pilots.

Designed for the digital age, it offers top-notch wireless capabilities, freeing students from the hassle of cables. Excellent noise cancellation creates a focused learning environment in the cockpit.

The headset’s advanced wireless tech is complemented by easy device connectivity, ensuring precise, unambiguous instruction delivery. Ergonomically crafted for comfort during long flights, the UFQ A28 ANR also features a clear-output microphone that adjusts to capture every word.

Despite its high-tech features, it remains affordable, striking the perfect balance between quality and cost for students stepping into the future of aviation audio.

Best Aviation Headset for Beginners

Kore Aviation KA-1 Premium Aviation Headset

Kore Aviation KA-1 Premium
$238.00 $249.99
The Kore Aviation KA-1 Premium offers beginner pilots quality audio, noise reduction, durability, and simplicity at an attractive price, ideal for those starting their aviation journey.

The Kore Aviation KA-1 is the best budget option for beginner pilots who want to ensure everything is on track with quality.

The KA-1 Premium delivers a solid performance, reducing noise for clear communication in the bustling cockpit environment. Its straightforward design lets new aviators concentrate on flying, not fiddling with settings.

With clear sound quality and a durable build to withstand the learning curve, the KA-1 is ready for the rigors of flight training.

The adjustable microphone captures every command, and with its competitive price, the KA-1 Premium stands out as the ideal choice for novices seeking value and reliability.

KORE AVIATION P1 General Aviation Headset

The Kore PNR Aviation Headset offers beginners clear communication with Passive Noise Reduction, combining comfort and clarity at an affordable price. Ideal for those new to aviation.

The Kore PNR from Kore Aviation is a standout choice for beginners entering the aviation world.

It strikes a delicate balance between cost and quality, providing an excellent introduction to cockpit communications with its effective Passive Noise Reduction (PNR).

The headset’s simple design and clear audio output make it ideal for novices to focus on their flying without distractions. Comfort is key in the Kore PNR, which is designed to ease new pilots into training sessions.

With a clear, precise microphone and an accessible price, the Kore PNR is highly recommended for those embarking on their piloting path.

How to Choose the Right Aviation Headset for Yourself

Passive Noise Reduction vs Active Noise Reduction

When diving into the world of aviation headsets, one of the first decisions pilots grapple with is choosing between Passive Noise Reduction (PNR) and Active Noise Reduction (ANR).

PNR headsets use physical barriers like thick ear cups and seals to block out external noise. They’re typically more affordable and don’t require batteries. For many beginners, PNR headsets offer a cost-effective entry into aviation audio.

On the other hand, ANR headsets employ advanced technology. They use microphones to pick up external sounds and then produce sound waves that are the opposite, effectively cancelling the noise.

This results in a significantly quieter experience, especially beneficial in louder aircraft. While ANR headsets tend to be pricier and require power sources, their enhanced audio experience is often worth the investment.

Investing in an ANR headset might be the way to go for those frequently flying in louder environments or prioritizing comfort during long flights.


Several factors influence comfort: headset weight, with lighter ones often being preferable, and the cushioning of ear cups and headbands.

Memory foam padding, for example, conforms to the user’s shape, enhancing comfort.
Clamping force is also crucial. A snug fit ensures noise reduction, but excessive pressure can cause discomfort.

Ventilation is vital; ear cups allow airflow to prevent overheating during prolonged flights.

Features like adjustable headbands or rotatable ear cups can enhance comfort. Investing in a headset means prioritizing comfort, as it shapes the flying experience.

In-Ear vs Over Ear

Choosing between in-ear and over-ear headsets is a personal preference, with each type offering distinct advantages.

In-ear models are compact and lightweight, providing sound noise isolation with ear tips that mold to the ear. They’re less intrusive for pilots who wear glasses or hats and are easily portable.

Over-ear headsets with cushioned cups typically deliver better noise reduction through Active Noise Reduction (ANR) technology and can offer richer sound from more prominent speakers. However, they are bulkier and may affect eyewear comfort.

Pilots should weigh flight duration, cockpit noise levels, and comfort when choosing. In-ear headsets are convenient, while over-ear headsets often provide better noise control and audio quality.

Good Microphone

A headset’s microphone is as crucial as its speakers. Clear communication is paramount in aviation, and a good microphone ensures that transmissions are crisp, clear, and free from ambient noise.

When evaluating microphones, pilots should consider noise-cancelling capabilities. A noise-cancelling microphone is designed to pick up the speaker’s voice while minimizing background noise, ensuring clear communication even in noisy environments.

Flexibility is another essential feature. A microphone that can be adjusted, bent, or rotated allows pilots to position it optimally for the best voice pickup.

The placement of the microphone, whether it can be attached to the left or right side, offers customization based on the pilot’s preference.

Durability is a factor to be considered. Given the dynamic nature of cockpit environments, microphones can be subjected to bumps, adjustments, and occasional rough handling. A robust build ensures longevity and consistent performance.

Pilots should also consider additional features that enhance the microphone’s functionality, such as voice-activated transmission or adjustable sensitivity settings.

Investing in a headset with a quality microphone is non-negotiable, as clear communication is a cornerstone of safe and efficient flying.

Best Aviation Headset Conclusion

Choosing the right headset can be daunting, given the many options available. However, with the right knowledge and understanding of one’s needs, finding the perfect headset becomes more manageable.

Whether it’s the cutting-edge technology of ANR headsets, the portability of in-ear models, or the robustness of over-ear designs, there’s a headset tailored to every pilot’s unique requirements.

Headset is more than just a tool; it’s a companion for every flight, ensuring clear communication safety and enhancing the overall flying experience.

Investing time and thought into selecting the right headset will pay dividends in the long run, ensuring countless hours of comfortable and efficient flying.

As aviation technology continues to evolve, so will headsets. But the core principles of clear communication, comfort, and reliability will always remain paramount.

Here’s to clear skies, safe flights, and the best headset for every journey.

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